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I am flying in from tech heaven to give your computer more life.


About Me

Abidel Bassie-Cripps, better known as Abi, is a tech support specialist with over three decade of experience in the information technology industry.

Since she retired from being a truck driver, she has expanded her love of helping people, adjust to their computers. Sometimes it is a new computer or new skills that people need help with. Whatever the reason, Abi has been enjoying her expertise of solving numbers computer issues. Many friends have come to her for help after having bad experiences with traditional computer IT / Tech Support shops. With Abi's attribute of caring about people, she does not want to see anyone settle for unsatisfactory work. She has helped businesses from all industries diagnose and solve their computer problems.

For various reasons, Abi is enjoying her new journey helping people solve their computer woes, and is looking forward to expanding her businesses.

Abby Feb 2023

Mission Statement:

"To empower individuals and businesses by offering expert, personalized, and celestial-grade technological solutions. We aim to alleviate the burdens of technical challenges, ensuring seamless, secure, and optimized computer experiences. Our mission is to be the trusted guardian angels of technology, transforming computer woes into triumphant success stories while enabling our clients to focus on their core endeavors."

Vision Statement:

"We envision a world where the fear of technological disruptions is replaced with confidence and peace of mind. Our vision is to be the go-to celestial intervention for individuals and businesses, offering divine expertise and unparalleled support. We strive to redefine the tech support landscape by fostering lasting reliability, enabling limitless growth, and becoming synonymous with unwavering excellence in technological care."

What we are all about!

Introducing Tech-Assist, your friendly neighborhood tech superhero! We swoop in to rescue small business owners from the clutches of computer chaos and the perilous pitfalls of the internet. Imagine us as the Avengers of the tech world, armed with keyboards and mice instead of capes and shields.

Picture this: You, a small business owner drowning in a sea of computer issues, desperately reaching out for a lifeline. Enter Tech-Assist, ready to turn your tech-related nightmares into fairy tales. We'll sprinkle a little magic (or maybe just some expert knowledge) to bring back the sparkle to your digital kingdom.

And let's talk experience – we've been around the tech block more times than your grandma's knitting needles. With decades of wisdom under our belts, we've seen it all – from floppy disks to cloud computing, from dial-up tones to lightning-fast fiber optics. We're like the Gandalfs of the tech realm, guiding you through the confusing landscapes of system maintenance, internet security, and education.

But we're not just tech wizards; we're also masters of joy restoration. We believe that laughter is the best medicine, especially when dealing with computer-induced headaches. So, not only do we fix your issues, but we also promise to throw in a couple of tech-themed jokes to lighten the mood. Because nothing says "productive work environment" like a good chuckle.

In the grand saga of small business survival, Tech-Assist is your trusty sidekick, here to bring back productivity, ease, and joy to your digital domain. So, hang up your distress signal and grab a virtual cup of coffee – your tech rescue squad is on the way!